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Pleasure Island from Ball and Chain Fun. Adult Board Game Chart a course to Pleasure Island where Fantasy and Pleasure awaits. Set sail for an Island adventure that is sure to give you the Pleasure you desire. Object: Players move their game tokens throug
Pleasure Island Adult Board Game Chart a program to Pleasure Island where Fantasy and Pleasure waits for. Set out for an Island adventure that is certain to offer you the Pleasure you desire. Things: Players move their video game symbols with an exotic Island filled with romance as well as passion. Each square holds it's very own adventure.

As your tokens arrive on the squares, you as well as your enthusiast have to do the activities listed. If a player arrive at either a Pleasure Chest or a Prisoner of love square, he or she should need to draw a card from the corresponding card heap and execute the activity listed on the card. When the activity is completed, the card is gone back to the base of the deck as well as play continues. The player that completes the video game initially, by touchdown on the X, can choose to keep the video game going by selecting 2 cards from each pile as well as doing the activities.

Materials: 2 Game Tokens, 1 Game Die, 22 Pleasure Chest Cards, 22 Prisoner of Love Cards & 1 Game Board. Sphere as well as Chain Games.
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Manufacturer Ball and Chain
Color None
Diameter 1.75
Height 2.25
Length 8.25
Material None
Barcode 176554005324
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Size Bust (cm) Waist (cm) Hip (cm)
XS 82,5 62 87,5
S 85 63,5 89
M 87,5 67,5 93
L 90 72,5 98
XL 93 77,5 103
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